Christian PIERRE has earned the 'PRO HC Organizer' badge. Congratulations.


PRO HC Organizer

You have organized 15 games through HC. Thank you. Players can't live without you apparently and they are thankful for what you're doing. You've earned trust from your players and it's well deserved.

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PRO HC Organizer badge:
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Christian PIERRE's HC badges


HC Ambassador

The highest grad you can get as a member of HC. Your passion for the game is contagious and players consider you as an influential icon to the community. You've earned everyone's respect from all the enthusiastic contribution to HC. Keep up the good work!

HC Puck Owner

You're the happy owner of one of the few limited edition HC Puck's in circulation. HC Puck owners share the mission of making hockey more accessible around the world. Post your HC pictures on!

Belgian Hockey Player

You're part of the small but amazing hockey community in Belgium. Not many people in your country understand why you love hockey but every owner of this badge shares your passion for this beautiful sport.

Newbie HC Organizer

You have organized at least one game with Hockey Community. Thanks to you, players got a chance to play. You're contributing to our mission to make hockey more accessible: thank you. We hope to see you organize more games in the future!


You just checked-in in a rink! Great. Hockey Community will count how many times you check-in in your arenas so you can keep track of your performance. Tip: You can become the mayor of this rink...


Already 5 check-ins! Organizers and players around you can now see on your profile that you are a credible player practicing regularly. Keep going! Hint: Have you ever checked in a rink abroad? ...

Advanced HC Organizer

You have already organized 5 games with Hockey Community. Players know they can rely on you to organize great hockey games. Just a couple more games and you will be one of the most active & respected organizers in your neighbourhood.

PRO HC Organizer

You have organized 15 games through HC. Thank you. Players can't live without you apparently and they are thankful for what you're doing. You've earned trust from your players and it's well deserved.

Ultimate HC Organizer

You've earned the highest merit as an organizer. You're a huge supporter of the hockey community and an expert at organizing great games. You have all of our respect for that. Please drop us an email to say hi! You're definitely part of the HC family.

Kwarter Early Adopter

You have used the Kwarter app from your iPhone or iPad: Excellent. How did you like it? Hockey Community tries to partner with the startups of the future and we're glad to see you're part of the early adopters community. If you have idea about how to build the future of sport: let us know!!

Floorball Player

Floorball is to Hockey what Futsal is to Soccer, fast, kinetic, skilled, and fun!- The more Floorball you play, the better your Hockey skills get! In some European countries like Sweden, Floorball is twice bigger than ice hockey. Welcome to the HC Floorball community!

Legit Player

You've checked-in 10 times already in a relatively short period. You take your training very seriously and organizers can now see that through your profile. Did you check out your profile and look at the map with all the rinks you checked in?

HC Savvy

This is it. You totally figured out how to leverage HC at its best! You have tried almost every section we have: check-ins, posts, events and teams! You are one of these early adopters heh?

HC Newbie Commentator

Awesome, you left your first comment on HC but don't stop here! There are more players waiting for you to share your experience on HC. You never know how far a good advice can go!

HC Commentator

Your fifth comment on HC! Great you start to be recognized by the HC Community as a hockey "connaisseur". You may start seeing the value to share hockey stories but this is just getting started, the next badge is not too far away!

HC Popular Commentator

That's 20 comments already! Is hockey a disease to you? Can't get it out of your brain? Well you're definitely one of us now. Your name is engraved in many discussions on HC and certainly helped other players to get better. Keep contributing and you may get the "HC Altruist" badge sooner than later!

HC Altruist

Your 40th comment! Not only you have hockey in your genes but also a sense of altruism. Maybe you should consider coaching the next generation of hockey players too? Anyhow, hands down and thank you for taking such a good care of HC Players!

Omnipresent Player

You've managed to check-in 20 times.. You're probably showing a few signs of addiction to hockey and players start to call you to get more of you for your skills. The next badge will count in how many rinks you check-in... How far would you drive to play hockey?

Rockin' the HC Jersey

You are a proud owner of the HC Jersey. By rockin' the jersey on and off the ice, you are achieving the quest to help spread the love of the sport. Travel with it worldwide and get recognized by other HC jersey owners!

HC Rookie Ambassador

Welcome to the HC Ambassador program. You are now a very special member to our community. You live and breathe hockey and will do whatever it takes to unite the hockey community around you. Together we are going to rethink how technology can help make hockey more accessible so everyone can easily enjoy the game we all love!

HC Mayor

You own the mayorship of one or several rinks. Pretty cool, it means you're one of these players who likes working hard on your hockey skills. If we ever partner with this rink, be certain that you will be the first to benefit from it! Make sure to keep checking-in to keep this title!

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