Art Azarcon has earned the 'HC Mayor' badge. Congratulations.


HC Mayor

You own the mayorship of one or several rinks. Pretty cool, it means you're one of these players who likes working hard on your hockey skills. If we ever partner with this rink, be certain that you will be the first to benefit from it! Make sure to keep checking-in to keep this title!

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HC Mayor badge:
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Art Azarcon's HC badges


HC Goalie

Players rely on you and would do anything to make sure you come to the next game. Teams may even reward you for your constant reliability and availability! How cool is that? However you have a big responsibility, don't screw it up! You have only one goal: STOP THE PUCK.

Play On! Kelowna Participant 2012

You are attending the 2012 Play On! 4 on 4 in Kelowna, Canada's largest street hockey tournament. This participant badge will remain part of your many hockey tournament involvements.

Newbie HC Organizer

You have organized at least one game with Hockey Community. Thanks to you, players got a chance to play. You're contributing to our mission to make hockey more accessible: thank you. We hope to see you organize more games in the future!

Canadian Hockey Player

You live in the same country as Hockey Community: Canada. Hockey is your religion and you wouldn't imagine life without it.


You just checked-in in a rink! Great. Hockey Community will count how many times you check-in in your arenas so you can keep track of your performance. Tip: You can become the mayor of this rink...

Advanced HC Organizer

You have already organized 5 games with Hockey Community. Players know they can rely on you to organize great hockey games. Just a couple more games and you will be one of the most active & respected organizers in your neighbourhood.

Art still has a lot of badges to win...

Hc-badge Hc-badge Hc-badge Hc-badge Hc-badge Hc-badge Hc-badge Hc-badge Hc-badge
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